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If you wish to contact our support team about a problem, fill in the form below to create a "ticket query".

This recently installed ticket system has been instigated to accurately log customers support queries, if you have been using the support email address then feel free to continue doing so, however, the ticket system will have priority. This effective new support method will create a file on our systems for our support team to look at and let them now what action to take. On submission you will be given a code (keep it handy although it will also be emailed to you if you submit the form with an email address). This code can be used to keep track of your enquiry.

Once you have the code you can click on the "tickets" link below and insert the code, this will then allow you to see what action has been taken and/or so you can see that the problem is being addressed.


Upon a ticket submission the system will:

  • Assign a unique ID to the ticket and appends it to the service queue;
  • Generate a confirmation page with access instructions;
  • Send a confirmation email to the customer;
  • Issue an email notification to the support team

We aim to answer support questions within 4 hours, and often reply faster than that.

Current System Status

All systems are operating normally.

Planned System Maintenance

There is currently no planned maintenance.